A list of my upcoming talks, broadcasts and debates

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15 October 2017
The Festival of Questions
The Wheeler Centre
176 Little Lonsdale Street

I am taking part in two debates: What is Right? What is Left? with Lauren DucaGeorge MegalogenisTim WilsonShen Narayanasamy & Rita Panahi  (14.30-16.00) and The Philosophical Fight Club with Anna KrienJulian BurnsideGeorge MegalogenisCeleste LiddleQuinn EadesJordan Raskopoulos & Geoffrey Robertson (17.00-1830).

Tickets and details from The Wheeler Centre.


19-20 October 2017
Integrity 20

Conservatorium Theatre
Griffith University,

South Bank

I am giving a keynote talk ‘From The Satanic Verses to Charlie Hebdo, (19 October 11.00) followed by a discussion on ‘What Divides Us?’ (19 October 11.20) with Roy Baumesiter, Rachel Kleinfield & Hanifa Deen. I am also taking part in a discussion on ‘Unsafe spaces’ (20 October, 09.35-10.35) with  Rae Langton & Jodie Ginsberg.

Tickets and details from Integrity 20.


Details and tickets from the Bendigo Writers Festival.


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